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My Storage Ark Grand Opening Special!

My Storage Ark Grand Opening Special!

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Which Height Is Right For You?

STANDARD (9ft Tall)

  • Our standard storage units provide a great balance between space and budget. If you're looking for practical storage without breaking the bank, the standard height is an excellent choice. It offers ample room for most household items and allows for straightforward storage solutions.

TALL - 11ft Tall

  • Opt for our tall storage units if you need a bit more room to maneuver and stack items vertically. With this additional height, you can maximize your storage capacity without a significant increase in cost. Taller units allow for versatile stacking and organization, accommodating bulkier items with ease.

EXTRA-TALL - 13ft Tall

  • For the ultimate storage capacity, our extra-tall units provide unparalleled stacking potential. If you have a lot to store and want to make the most of your rental space, these units are your best choice. The extra height allows for high stacking, optimizing your storage for just a modest increase in price.
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Worry less. Your things are safe in the ark.

360º Surveillance Coverage
Every inch of our facility is well-lit and recorded 24/7 with 4K security cameras.

Full Perimeter Fencing
No unauthorized access. Our entire Tomball storage facility property is fenced and gated.

Nokē Keyless Entry

No Gate Codes/Keys To Forget
Open gates, doors, and unlock your storage unit all from your bluetooth-enabled phone.

Security Alarms On Every Unit
Your items are our priority. All of our storage units feature a motion-activated security alarm.

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